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​ Hair loss, whether it is the result of a medical condition such as Alopecia Areata/Universalis​ -

chemotherapy treatments, or genetic predisposition – has a profound effect on us. Prevention is not always a viable option; when we experience a loss of control over our appearance it can leave us insecure or paranoid. We begin to feel less confident and suffer from a poor sense of self-esteem.


Some things in life are beyond our control. Hair loss is one of them. And if hair loss is a concern of yours, we believe we have the solution. And, as no two people are alike - no one solution is best for everyone. Whether your choice is surgical or non-surgical, all avenues should be explored before making any decision on what is best for you.

Let me help you gain control again!

At Chris for Hair my goal is to offer a wide range of hair pieces and wigs made of the highest quality and to assist and support  clients in choosing the hair replacement solution that will fit their lifestyle and restore their self-image and confidence. I do not align with any one company therefore I have many options to choose from. Most replacement centers rely on only one resource (vendor) to supply their products. I have over 20 vendors that are all long established and offer quality hair replacement products.

I offer:

  • A free, no-obligation, consultation with an experienced hair replacement professional in a private environment.
  • An honest evaluation of options based on your lifestyle, preferences, personality and facial features.
  • I am a licensed professional with extensive experience in hair replacement processes and  attend classes on a regular basis.
  • Access to the newest hair style trends – I listen, learn, guide and suggest: the decision is always yours.

My Mission: To offer personalized hair replacement solutions of the highest quality  in a confidential, dignified environment, and to create a natural hair style with a personalized hair replacement so you can regain some normalcy in your life. I believe in truthful, open communication between providers and clients, I know this industry well, and can distinguish between clever marketing and quality products, and will help you choose the best value for your particular situation.

My Commitment: To help you select the hair replacement solution that will restore your confidence and allow you to interact with other people without fear of detection.

My Promise: If I wouldn’t wear it, I won’t recommend it to you! I wear hair additions myself and have personal experience with most options.

The amount of confusion and misleading information about hair loss, and products available to replace lost hair is overwhelming,  I am  committed to providing you with honest, accurate and unbiased answers and options based on years of experience, ongoing education on the latest proven technological advances and empathy with every step of the process. Whether you are experiencing total hair loss, hair thinning or hair loss due to the effects of chemo therapy, radiation and other medications, I can help you choose a safe and undetectable solution.

Hair thinning and hair loss threatens your privacy and your self image and attracts unwanted attention. If you have not seen the latest hair systems available, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise! Contact me for more details. Call me at 925-245-0194. I know  can help restore your natural look.




Free Initial Consultation – No Obligation
Every inquiry whether by phone or email will be kept in strict confidence. We are also able to conduct your consultation in the privacy of your home. See our consultation page to learn more. Consultation.aspx

Christine Hanson






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